About Us

For over thirty five years, Fratto Boys Carpet Cleaning (formerly of Fratto and Sons Carpet Cleaning) has been providing Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas, with the most effective and efficient carpet cleaning service.

Charlie Fratto Sr. started the business as a janitorial services company, and in 1980 his two sons Frank and Patrick opened Fratto and Sons Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Charlie gave his sons one piece of advice, “always treat your customers the way you would expect your mother to be treated, and you will have happy customers”, and so we have always kept this close to heart when providing services to all our customers.

Over the years the Fratto Boys have developed state of the art cleaning programs, personal home cleaning solutions and laundering products. Staying true to our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee--that has kept us in business for over three decades--Fratto Boys is a true family owned company. We're proud to offer our original products to be purchased online.