The Best Wrinkle Release Spray

Do you hate ironing clothes? Do you find yourself scrambling to find a wrinkle free shirt? Say hello to Pat Mist. The fabric wrinkle release that ACTUALLY works. Considered by many to be the best wrinkle release spray, Pat Mist delivers quick and easy convenience for your laundry needs. With a couple sprays and a couple pats, Pat Mist will transform that wrinkled garment into a smooth, fresh smelling, "just ironed" piece of 3 EASY STEPS!
We discovered that the average item of clothing takes over 2 minutes to iron. As for steaming, a well over a minute. However time and time again, Pat Mist worked in less than 30 seconds. It's quick, convenient and proven to work. Pat Mist is the clothing wrinkle release spray you've been waiting for. One bottle of
Pat Mist can easily release wrinkles in over 60 items of clothing.
Being a family owned and operated company for over 35 years, we are proud to share our original cleaning and laundering products to the general public. Order the "Modern Day Iron" and release the wrinkles!